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David Haapalehto

David Haapalehto

Director, Product & Planning

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David Haapalehto is driven by the belief that technology can amplify human potential and help organizations make a real difference. As the Director of Product & Planning at ExperiencePoint, he leads a dynamic team in developing innovative workshops with passion, determination and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Since childhood, David has always been eager to understand how things work and share that knowledge with creative friends. His professional career started at the 3D animation company Alias Systems, where a co-op placement earned him a key role. There, he helped coordinate the production of commercial training materials as the company scaled its production sevenfold. He eventually took on a contractor position while pursuing his undergraduate degree in Digital Enterprise Management at the University of Toronto, along with a certificate in Digital Communication from Sheridan College.

During his studies, David discovered the power of ExperiencePoint’s workshops firsthand. This experience led him to connect with co-founder James Chisholm and in 2008, he joined the company as a Project Manager. Over the years, David has become an indispensable part of the team, striving for rapid idea testing, data-driven collaboration and capability growth.

Learning is at the heart of everything David does. Whether he’s raising his two adorable children, exploring eco-tourism spots near and far, integrating AI into daily life, trying new cuisines or picking up new games, he finds joy in unexpected connections and the stories that shape our world. Inspired by innovative business models and the human behaviors that drive change, David continually seeks out new perspectives, always ready to embrace the next adventure with curiosity and passion.