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James Chisholm

James Chisholm

Co-Founder and Partner

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James Chisholm is inspired and driven by two key forces. The first is the power of learning as a catalyst for provoking personal, organizational, and societal change. The second is the power of business as a means to mobilize people around a higher purpose and effect positive change in the world. The son of a teacher and an entrepreneur, Chisholm comes by his twin passions honestly.

Entering Queen’s University in 1991, Chisholm earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree and met fellow ExperiencePoint Co-Founder Greg Warman along the way. Together they recognized that the fusion between technology, business and learning would drive disruptive innovation.

Enter ExperiencePoint.

In the decades since launching the company, Chisholm has become a pioneer in the field of simulation-based learning and has helped introduce human-centered capabilities to thousands of leading organizations and business schools by way of ExperiencePoint’s unique digitally-driven platform. The company’s learning-led approach to transformation has helped enterprise clients rapidly acquire new capabilities while creating more engaging and humane workplaces.

Always focused on human needs before technological trends, it has been Chisholm’s legacy to forge and uphold generous relationships between ExperiencePoint and the Learning and Development community. He is a two-term board member of the International Training Industry Association (ISA), which recently awarded ExperiencePoint with its highest industry honor for Business of the Year.

Chisholm lives with his wife and four children in Toronto, Canada. When not working or herding children to and from various activities, Chisholm enjoys long rides on his road bike and quiet trail runs.