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Innovation Can’t Wait.

Every organization needs bold inventiveness. We teach a human-centered approach to innovation and workforce transformation that helps companies around the world reimagine their future and blaze paths to success.

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Unlock your innovation potential

At ExperiencePoint, we believe that innovation is a skill that can be learned and that human-centered thinking is its best teacher. Through our live, digitally-driven workshops, we teach a proven innovation method that puts customers first, profoundly reconfiguring how companies generate ideas and solve their most pressing problems in an era of constant change.

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ExperiencePoint works with world-class brands and organizations of all sizes

The ExperiencePoint Difference


Our proven training method rapidly embeds the mindsets and skills necessary to learn, practice and apply innovation.


Our workshops are driven by technology — proprietary simulations and highly interactive platforms and tools — so they're consistent, repeatable and scalable.


ExperiencePoint-trained facilitators are industry experts who guide, engage and inspire participants and foster virtual and in-person collaboration.

It’s not just what you’ll learn, but how you’ll learn it. Our live, digitally-driven and expert-lead workshops train people — at any level, from every function and industry — in a human-centered approach to problem-solving and imaginativeness. ExperiencePoint doesn’t just teach innovation, our method helps scale and systematize it within organizations to drive enduring business impact.

Adapt, thrive and shape what's next

Be a Customer Company

Build customer-centricity into the heart of your organization. Discover unmet needs and develop products and services that your customers really want.

Unleash Employee Inventiveness

Train every member of your organization to propel company growth through bold and imaginative problem-solving.

Increase Revenue

Create new, disruptive paths for company growth that help your company expand and thrive in a competitive landscape.

De-Risk Innovation

Develop an agile approach to experimentation that tests high-potential ideas before investment, minimizing cost and risk.

Team workshop

“It’s a quality experience from start to finish. Not only are the simulations and instructors world-class, but the service and support throughout the engagement is above and beyond.”

Bill DeCristofano, Associate Director
General Management Programs at Wharton Executive Education

Our training lives forever

There are two key pillars to the ExperiencePoint Method: People and Organizations.

Training People


Our People pillar is comprised of live, digitally-driven workshops in human-centered thinking.

Training Organizations

Training Organizations

Our Organization pillar provides strategies to build a workplace where company processes, structures and habits make innovation stick.

Culture Of Innovation

Culture of Innovation

The ExperiencePoint Method creates trailblazing companies, fluent in human-centered approaches to innovation.

Learn the fundamentals of human-centered thinking in our ebook.

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