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Human-centered thinking: our approach to innovation that anyone can learn and master

Mastering Innovation, Minus the Mystery

Human-centered thinking (HCT) is the foundation of The ExperiencePoint Method because it redefines innovation as a simple and repeatable process. Breakthrough ideas might occasionally strike like lighting, but sporadic genius is difficult to leverage as a reliable business model. Human-centered thinking demystifies innovation by making it less about random inspiration and more about focused inquiry. By reframing a problem or challenge from a real person’s perspective, human-centered thinking sets you up to find innovative solutions that genuinely address their needs.

A Process Driven by People

Combining analytical and intuitive thinking, human-centered thinking is a way of navigating a world defined by interconnectivity, complexity and competition. It allows companies to see every challenge from their customer’s perspective and make customer needs a priority. This empathy-based approach is both accessible and invigorating, setting the necessary foundation for collaborative brainstorming, creative prototyping and dynamic, low-risk testing. Once human-centered thinking is woven into an organization’s fabric, it can reshape company culture and propel unprecedented growth.

Investment with Impact

Data consistently shows that human-centered thinking has a significant and measurable business impact. On the S&P 500 index, human-centered thinking-led companies outperform their competitors by as much as 211 percent. Organizations that have made human-centered thinking a part of company life see one-third higher revenues and 56-percent higher returns than those that don’t. Human-centered thinking works.

At ExperiencePoint, we know our clients can achieve lasting cultures of innovation in which confident problem-solvers propel business, and the world, forward.

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Human-centered design: A repeatable and scaleable approach to innovation

ExperiencePoint s dynamic innovation method is grounded in design thinking, a deeply human centric approach to understanding problems and finding solutions.

Design thinking does away with the sort of death by analysis impasse that often prevents companies from bringing bold initiatives to life. Instead, the method encourages the quick proliferation of many ideas followed by vigorous experimentation. Once you’ve made the human perspective your starting point, the process begins to integrate other key considerations including viability, feasibility and usability. The result is a proven and effective path to remarkable innovations.

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