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Hands-on experience with proven approaches to successful change.

ExperienceChange™  provides a simple, easy-to-use framework for everyone involved in managing change. Our expert-guided workshop helps participants execute on your ideas while teaching participants the essentials of successful change. Backed by over 20 years of research, industry insights and results, it combines proven approaches with hands-on practice in an engaging, low-risk, high-impact experience.

Participant Profile

For all stakeholder groups involved in a change initiative.

Additional Details

Half-day or full-day workshop options

Optional 90-minute Project Accelerator at the end of the workshop to develop a roadmap of next steps for your real project(s).

Available for 10 to 200 people

Highly immersive and delivered in-person by an ExperiencePoint-trained facilitator

Guided by one of our proprietary technology simulations

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Equip people with a common language for change 

Build capability and confidence with essential change approaches

Produce new insights into success barriers and accelerators of existing change projects

Uncover and address unproductive leadership and manager  habits

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