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Spark by ExperiencePoint™

Spark by ExperiencePoint™

Establish or reinforce innovation training and its daily practice


15 – 20 minutes




Price upon request*

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Establish or reinforce innovation training and its daily practice.

Spark by ExperiencePoint™ is a dynamic series of digital and interactive episodes of virtual learning, designed to arm your workforce with the fundamentals of human-centered design. Through continuous and compelling bursts of learning, coupled with hands-on application, this ‘fitness plan’ for innovation empowers each member of your organization to repeatedly and effectively apply the methods and mindsets of human-centered design to their everyday work.

Participant Profile

Anyone, regardless of their level, function or industry, responsible for harnessing innovation and  driving success on a repeatable and scalable basis.

* minimums apply. Subject to facilitation and production management fees. Some additional discounts may apply. Prices are not reflective of Partner pricing. Please visit our partner page for more details.


Virtual Details

Effective on its own, but most powerful when paired with one of ExperiencePoint’s ExperienceInnovation workshops.

Delivered live by one of ExperiencePoint’s expert facilitators.

Built to accommodate remote and virtual teams via weekly live, digital and interactive 15-minute episodes delivered via Zoom and/or via on-demand episodes at a learners leisure.

What you’ll learn

Deepens innovation learnings in a sustainable manner, as participants gain an immersive and thorough understanding of the tools and techniques associated with human-centered design.

Provides instruction and guidance as to how participants can continually innovate in their day-to-day work.

Through the powerful method of micro-learning, momentum for and sustainment of a company’s innovation strategy and initiatives is fortified.

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